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Get tips, sell merch. Engage fans with interactive media.

Build a community and bring it back to your next event!

Earn more
from live gigs

Image by Alexander Mils

So it's time to monetize your gigs! Increase revenue by $363 per 100 fans. Sell merch, get tips and more. We'll create merch at no cost to you.

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Your concerts should be interactive. Show your fans real-time lyrics, polls, videos, and closeups from the stage. Create beautiful digital programs.

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Bring fans to your page while you play. Get personalized QR codes and tappabls signs. Monetize the unique state of mind at your concert!



We'll make your on-demand merch at no cost to you. Create unlimited items and get paid with every order! It's free and we'll do all the work for you.

Tipping screen CROPPED.png

Allow your audience to tip you via all major payment methods: Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, debit card, and more. No membership required!

Sell unlimited products and services on your Cicada store! Digital items, physical items, tickets, lessons, VIP access, meet & greets, and more.

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Turn paper programs into digital, interactive experiences. Show your audience real-time song info. Add images, animations, videos, and more. We'll help you make those, too!

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Show your audience real-time lyrics! Let them sing along with you. Tell them what to do, teach them dance moves, and let them be part of your music! It's like TikTok in real life.

Show your audience live close-ups from the stage. Stream multiple angles into phones and monitors — no setup required. Let fans choose which band member they look at!



Let your audience access your Cicada page while most motivated: at your concert! We'll design free, custom QR codes and posters that fit your identity.

QR code single TRANSPARENT.png

Make all your signs, flyers, cards, or chairs tappable. We'll make you NFC tags that take people to your Cicada page. Stick them on any surface!

Website embedding

Embed your Cicada store on your website, so you can sell when you're not playing. Free embed codes for all website builders!

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Musician Testimonials

I just feel so much more connected to my audience!

Ashley L.

I actually tripled my gig revenue from tips. Also, I finally have merch now - took me long enough! It was really easy.

Dr. G

[...] all these special experiences I've been creating would have been impossible without Cicada.

Mark K.


Ready to step up your live music game?

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