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Audience engagement

Live music is better when interactive. Show your fans real-time media while you play. Broadcast real-time lyrics into their phones. Let them see live close-ups of your performance. Let them vote in polls, sign up for your mailing list and socials. Time to ditch paper programs!

Mobile programs

Paper is boring, expensive, and limited. With mobile programs, you can add videos, animations, slideshows, and more! Let us turn your programs into immersive mobile experiences.

program only WITH phone2.png

Real-time lyrics

Show your audience real-time lyrics while you play! Let them sing along with you. Show them real-time translations. Synchronize your lyrics down to the second!

Lyrics only 3.png

Live video

Let your audience see a live close-up of your performance. Let them choose which band member they look at. You only need one phone per musician. Turn every seat in the house into a front-row seat!

Live only 4.png
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