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NFC tags

Make your signs and posters tappable! Tapping is 3x faster than scanning a QR code. Harness the power of NFC tags!

Easy to use

Our tappable signs are powered by NFC ("Near-Field Communication") tags. These are tiny, lightweight devices you can stick to a sign, chair, card, or other object. They don't require batteries and they are waterproof.

nfc tag website 2.png
nfc tag website 1.png

Low price

These devices are cheap! Buy them from us in bulk and stick them on your poster, business card, laptop, or instrument case. Just not on metal surfaces.

iOS and Android compatible

Much like QR codes, our NFC tags work with both iOS and Android. They don't require any batteries, they are water resistant, and they come with a self-adhesive side.

nfc tag website 3.png

Safe and ubiquitous

Our NFC tags are powered by the same technology that powers your contactless payment, hotel room key card, and probably your subway tickets.

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