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Merch On Demand

9/10 musicians don't sell merch.

Earn 30% more by selling it.

Your fans want to support you. With merch on demand, every sale makes you money right away. No upfront costs and no time wasted.

No upfront cost

You don't need to buy your items before you sell them! They only get manufactured when someone buys them. Choose from thousands of items and begin selling them right away. It's better for the environment, too!


Shipping and logistics

Don't spend your time checking inventory, stocking items, or wrapping and shipping merch. Let us handle it! Don't even bring your items to your concert - bring a QR code for your Cicada store instead.


Free design services

Designing merch takes time. So let us make it for you! You can take a short quiz and send us some materials: your artist photos, logo, or just some text. We'll handle the rest! We'll even customize it for every concert.


No venue charges

Venues will charge you up to 60% for the privilege of selling your own merch! Avoid it by selling on Cicada — your QR code is your store! You don't need a cashier, either. We take a flat fee of 10% from all transactions.

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