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QR codes

Let your audience access your page at every concert. Get a free, beautiful, and unique QR code that fits your artist identity!

Unique design

We'll design a free, unique QR code for you that you can bring to every concert. Customize your colors, artwork, QR code style, corners, text, font, and more!

QR for website.png
QR for website 2.png

Big or small

Print your QR code as a big sign, or give it out to your audience as a small flyer! Our designs are easily scanable in all sizes, and even in low-light conditions.

Tappable signs

Make your QR codes tappable! Let your audience access your page by tapping their phone instead of scanning the QR code. Harness the power of NFC tags. Learn more!

QR for website 3.png

Higher revenues

Cicada users increase their revenue by an average of $139 per gig only from tipping! The average merch order is $27. Both of these are powered by our QR codes.

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