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Real-time lyrics

Show your audience live lyrics and translations!

Synchronize them down to the second.

Synchronized lyrics

Show everyone real-time lyrics. Our app allows you to synchronize them down to the second! Let listeners pull them up on their phones, or project them on a screen if the venue allows it.

Lyrics only 3.png
Lyrics only 4.png

Augmented reality

Tap into the power of your listeners' phones. Project your lyrics over their live camera feeds.  Now they can read along without missing the show!

Prompt your audience

Turn your audience into an instrument: tell them when to clap, sing, jump, dance, and when to stop! Music is more fun when everybody participates.

Lyrics only 5.png
program only WITH phone3.png


Singing in a different language? Show your audience a translation of your lyrics. They'll engage with your music much more deeply. You can show real-time translations or let your audience read at their own pace.

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