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Your Cicada store

Sell digital and physical products, merch on demand, tickets, services, lessons, sheet music, and more!

Merch on demand

With Cicada, you can list thousands of on-demand merch articles at no upfront cost. We'll even help you design them! Say goodbye to keeping track of your inventory and printing shipping labels. Learn more.

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Digital items

Sell digital music (.wav, .mp3, etc.), PDF sheet music, and more. With digital items, your buyers get your items immediately and there are no manufacturing costs.


Physical items

Got physical CDs, vinyls, books, handpainted art, or other items that can't be printed on demand? You can sell those on Cicada too! Embed your Cicada store on your website to sell on multiple platforms.

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Lessons & Services

Finding students is the hardest part of being a teacher. Get them at their most motivated: right after your concert. Alternatively, use your Cicada store to sell studio time, VIP access, meet & greets, and more.

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