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Live close-up video

Enhance in-person concerts through live video!

Let audiences see every band member up close.

Do it all from your phone!

Front row is everywhere

Let your audience see you up close no matter where they're sitting. Bring them on stage with you! Show yourself from an angle they've never seen.

Live only 3.png
Live only 4.png


Let your fans choose which band member they look at. You only need one phone per musician! You've got yourself multistream on demand.

Big screen support

Is there a big screen at the venue? Project directly into it — no cables, no setup! At venues without screens, project into people's phones instead.

Live only 5.png
Image by Fábio  Alves

Hybrid experience

Allow in-person and virtual attendants to interact in real time. Use the same phone to show a close-up from the stage and to stream out to your faraway fans.

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