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Why you should sell merch at Every. Single. Performance

Fellow musicians, you should be selling merch at every one of your performances! Here's why merch is 1000x easier in the internet age:

Back in the pre-internet days, you would have to BRING WITH YOU anything you wanted to sell. Albums? Gotta make copies first. T-shirts? Gotta print them first. Lessons? Makes no sense unless you're playing in your hometown.

Highly impractical and EXPENSIVE to do any of this! Not only would you have to spend a lot of money on making the physical goods, you'd also have to physically CARRY them to your concert.

And once at the concert, who's going to sell them? You'd need staff to set up a booth! And if they don't sell? Be ready to carry them back!

But the thing is... we don't live in the pre-internet days! You DON'T need to bring physical objects with you to sell. If you give people a way to ACCESS your store at your concert, they can order stuff from their phones and have it delivered at home!

Your concerts are where your audience is the MOST motivated to support and admire you. You will NEVER find a more engaged audience than the one that just listened to you perform live.

So why not give them a way to buy music, albums, posters, or book lessons right then & there? With Cicada, you don't have to create physical products before you sell them.

We'll help you design posters, t-shirts, etc. and they only get made when someone orders them! The PURCHASE initiates the process. You can also add unlimited digital items and services, too.

Speaking of services, why not add lessons that people can book with you right then and there? Teaching is a significant revenue stream, and finding students is by far the hardest part of it.

Give people access to your store at concerts! It's the future of monetizing live music. Here's how it works.

  1. Sign up for a Cicada trial

  2. Get a beautiful, personalized QR code

  3. Print it out and bring it to your concert

  4. Sit back and enjoy people buying your stuff!

If you want to be a bit extra, you can even create custom items for specific concerts.

Check out the beautiful QR code we created for my friend's band, Novel Utopia. Scan the code to see their page, shop, program notes, and more!

You NEED a digital space for your live concerts. Sign up for a Cicada trial today!

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