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Electronic programs beat paper programs ANY DAY

Stop making paper programs for your concerts! Here are the top five reasons why electronic programs beat them any day of the week!

Here are five reasons why you should create electronic programs for your concerts instead of paper programs.

Number one

Paper is a very limited medium — you can really only add text and black and white images to it. You could add color, if you're willing to spend a lot of money on printing it and making a bunch of copies.

But, on an electronic program, people can open it on their phones, which they already have in their pockets! And you can add things like slideshows, videos, animations, as many color images as you want... Basically, all those things that make your concert experience unique and immersive!

Number two

Making paper programs is actually a lot of work. After you design them, you have to go to the print shop, make a bunch of copies, only for 90 of them to end up in the trash. Is that really how you want to spend your time?

Number three

Those paper programs are actually really bad for the environment. Yes, you might not play enough concerts for that to matter. But if you think about the aggregate of what humanity does, it's really worth going to a paperless system instead!

Number four

Once you have people in your electronic ecosystem, you can do so many cool things! You can tell them about your next concert, ask them to buy some merch, ask them to join your mailing list, or just ask them what their favorite piece was of the evening!

Number five

Making programs is actually a lot of work!

So let us help you: if you sign up for a free trial on Cicada, we'll help you design beautiful programs, so you don't have to do all that work by yourself. We can help you with the text, or we can improve your existing programs.

We'll make slideshows with pictures of the composers who wrote the music you're playing, we'll pull beautiful images of the cities where the music were written, we'll create interactive media, and more!

So, sign up for a free trial today. If you have any questions, get in touch.

And most importantly, whether you use Cicada or not, just switch to electronic programs! It's just so much better than a paper program — trust us on this.

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